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How Do Crystals Work?

Crystals deliver certain energies, and when they interact with your individual energy fields or even your chakras, they can have a high-quality effect on you. Crystals constant, of a much greater vibration that will assist to regular and stability any weakening in our very own electricity field...But please remember, it is the person's own vibration that changes, now not that of the crystal. Knowing that certain crystals will work best on certain points of the body. This is where Chakra Healing and also knowing how to use colour therapy and how it works. Take a look at this article on 3 ways to use color therapy for healing In the end always Trust your intuition and when your drawn to a crystal it maybe just what you need in your life at that moment  💗 Ready to work with crystals Click here to shop crystals now #crystals #quartz #polishedpoints #healingcrystals #fullmoon #healingcrystal #meditation #crystalhealing...

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