3 Ways to Use Color Therapy for Healing

3 Ways to Use Color Therapy for Healing

Each of us loves or avoids a color. Whether we like some colors or not is not a matter of only our taste. People associate their memories and feelings with different colors.

Color therapy is a holistic method of improving mental health and wellness. Thanks to this therapy, we have specific knowledge about the energy of a particular color. We also understand how it helps us heal or motivate us to reach our goals. It can help us in our mental and physical wellness.

What Can Color Therapy Heal? 

Color therapy reduces stress and encourages mental balance. Colors help us purify ourselves on all levels. It can stimulate us to establish inner peace. It also helps heal the aura, protect from negativity, and raises our vibration.

It can treat various traumas, depression, addiction, insomnia, anxiety, aggression, and the like. It also calms strong emotions such as grief, anger, rage, sadness, envy and jealousy, guilt, and others.

 Ways to Use Color Therapy for Healing

  1. Using Crystals

 The use of crystals is one of the most effective ways of healing with color therapy. Crystals differ in color and their vibration, energy levels. Crystals come in colors that relate to all seven chakras.

Each has its healing properties. If a crystal's color attracts us, it means this color energy represents what we need to heal. If some crystals repel us, it often means that this energy represents an act that we fear.

There are different ways we can use crystals. We can carry them everywhere with us, place them around our home, or use them during meditation.

We do not have to select big and expensive specimens for therapy to be effective. The most important part of treatment is setting a clear intention. Once the intention is set, then choose the appropriate crystal.

  1. Coloring for therapy

Coloring is an activity that is not only intended for children but also adults. It releases dopamine, which improves our mood. It is an excellent tool in the fight against mental illness and improves sleep patterns.

Coloring is also meditative and decreases our level of anxiety and stress. It allows us to improve focus and reduce overthinking. There are various coloring books for adults. One of the most popular ways of coloring to relieve stress is coloring mandalas.

  1. Focus on a Color 

The simplest way to use this therapy is to observe a specific color. During the observation of a few minutes, you can receive therapeutic effects. You need to be aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular color. For example, blue is great for people who suffer from anxiety. But if you are trying to motivate yourself to complete tasks or a goal, blue may not be the best color to choose. Instead, choose red.

To make this method even more useful, try wearing a wardrobe that is in the color that has healing effects for you. Eat as much green food as possible because green is suitable for treating all diseases. Paint the walls in your home and the workplace in a color that pleases and lifts your mood.


Colors for Healing

 Red has a positive effect on passive people. It also helps you to reach goals. It improves circulation, relieves fatigue, and lethargy. It increases sexual desire, stimulates the organs and senses.

Yellow strengthens the mind and nerves and stimulates mental activity. It is excellent for increasing motivation, energizing muscles, and boosting your mood. Yellow awakens spiritual inspiration.

Green is the color of nature that brings balance, harmony, and calms the mind and body. It has a positive effect on relaxation.

Blue is excellent for creating a calm and peaceful environment. It also makes you feel full after a meal. It calms strong emotions, relieves suffering, and stress.

 Purple is the color of transformation and awareness. It provides a peace that alleviates melancholy. It enables spiritual renewal, relieves stress, and has can help regulate sleep patterns.

Orange is a warm color that stimulates the body and mind, releasing tension. It allows us to see that there are new and other possibilities in life. It encourages enthusiasm and creative thinking.

Indigo is excellent for various mental problems. It is an excellent means of release and purification. It helps encourage psychic abilities and allows us to tap into our spiritual selves.


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