Color Therapy Can Be a Powerful Tool for Combating Key Imbalances

Color Therapy Can Be a Powerful Tool for Combating Key Imbalances

The colors of the various types of crystals relate to the way that light interacts with them. Opaque crystals do not absorb specific light frequencies. They appear opaque due to this. It is also worth noting that stones that appear black are ones that absorb all light frequencies. Stones that appear white are ones that reflect all colors within the spectrum. 

Different atomic makeups change light photons in various ways. It produces a range of colors.

The color itself has a profound effect on the human body and mind.

Color therapy is a treatment that can provide tremendous benefit to those who take part in it.

Color can influence a person's initial experience with a crystal.

Here are some examples of how colors work in color therapy healing:


Red is a color associated with power. It increases physical stability and a person's passion.

These factors suggest a red energy imbalance:

  • Feeling stiff and not able to move your body
  • Difficulty in maintaining a healthy level of energy
  • A feeling of abandonment or vulnerability


Attributes associated with orange include creativity and a sense of self-reliance. It is a warm color that stimulates a person's energy.

These factors suggest an orange energy imbalance:

  • Restricted feelings and rigidity in physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Disorders related to the digestive process
  • Difficulty in letting go of the past


Yellow associates with a mind that is optimistic and clear in thought. It is also the color associated with lightheartedness, connection, and wellbeing. 

These factors suggest a yellow imbalance:

  • Ailments that relate to stress issues such as headaches and indigestion
  • Confusion and worry
  • Feeling low self-esteem


Harmony is the concept that links with green. Green also provides a feeling of freshness, clarity, and compassion.

These factors suggest a green imbalance:

  • Inability to set boundaries
  • A lack of control
  • Confusion on topics such as what direction one should take


Higher intelligence and truth are factors that relate with blue/indigo. Blue also promotes peace and integrity.

These factors suggest a blue/indigo imbalance:

  • Problems with communicating
  • Creative blocks
  • A sense of agitation


Purple/violet represents the mastery of spiritual topics. Royalty often associates with this color. It represents being a color associated with protection and vision in goals or plans.

These factors suggest a purple/violet imbalance:

  • Feelings of guilt or a lack of self-worth
  • Delusional interpretations of reality
  • Difficulty in concentrating

Other Colors of Interest

White relates with brilliance and intelligence. Black associates with one who strives to be neutral, mysterious, and a rebel.


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