Natural Golden Quartz Angel Gemstones

Natural Golden Quartz Angel Gemstones

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 Natural Golden Quartz Hand carved and polished

Measurement: 1” (Inches) tall

25 mm

You will receive the angel shown. Please note with natural stones, there will be natural variations in the stone and slight variations in size

Golden Quartz is a very powerful healing crystal for healing.

Golden Quartz is a protective, energizing, and powerful psychic and physical cleansing stone.

Golden Quartz can provide clarity of thought and aids in concentration.

It can also help to retain information, boost clear thinking, and can aid in recalling memories. Golden Quartz is excellent for emotional healing and is good for alleviating anger.

Golden Quartz is also excellent for assisting spiritual communication over a long distance and between worlds.

Golden Quartz can assist in balancing all chakras, protecting the aura, and enhancing psychic abilities.

It absorbs negative energy including radiation and electromagnetic smog. Golden Quartz is also a stone of success.

Life is too short to live without the Natural Golden Quartz Angel Gemstones. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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