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Henna Hair Color & Conditioner: Lt.Brown

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*Note: Henna has no lightning action.

This Henna Hair Color and Conditioner: Light Brown is a sure-fire solution to any problems with your hair and your ticket to glossy, gorgeous light brown hair.

Henna contains phytochemicals that stimulate follicle growth, leading to thicker hair and less hair loss. It regulates oil secretion from the sebaceous gland, cutting down on excessive oiliness.

It contains antioxidants and vitamin E to nourish your hair and repair damage. It has antimicrobial properties that help treat dandruff and other scalp conditions.

It is a natural and herbal dye that gives hair a lustrous light brown hue and brings out the tones and highlights in your hair.

It leaves your hair shiny, healthy, manageable, and brighter.

Get the beautiful light brown hair that you are looking for with Henna Hair Color and Conditioner.


Treat yourself to Henna Hair Color & Conditioner: Lt.Brown you're worth it.