Fluorite palm stone
Fluorite palm stone
Fluorite palm stone
Fluorite palm stone

Fluorite palm stone

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Looks like the ocean

Size 40-60mm

Used to provide focus and assist in concentration. 

Used by many professionals to remain clear of negative energy attachments by clients or patients.

Prevents others from drawing on one's energy without permission. An excellent aura cleanser, fluorite can rid the aura of negative energies attracted during the day.

Hold to the third eye for 30 seconds to balance and clear the chakra system and banish negativity.

Fluorite is a stabilizer of energy, reducing those sharp drop-offs that end up in fatigue. It also reduces emotional involvement and quells anger. 

Enhances meditation, calms the mind.

Dispels nervous disorders and nourishes the astral body. Brings an orderly protector and an aid to the direction of energies.

As a guidance stone, it is used with Tarot cards, pendulums, astrology charts, vibrational healing energies, and general psychic readings.

The Fluorite palm stone was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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