Amazonite Pendulum
Amazonite Pendulum
Amazonite Pendulum

Amazonite Pendulum

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Make a great gift

Do you need help lightening up?

Hey, stresses weigh us all downtime to grab the amazonite stone to clear the air of toxic, negative energy.

Playful amazonite benefits you with creative fluidity by pulsing life energy to the heart and throat chakras.

If you need to release painful memories that block your current happiness, bring amazonite into your home and workspace.

Healing crystals and stones - heart chakra - throat chakra

please note that no two are the same they vary in shape and size

Some Ways to Use Your Pendulum

Answer yes/no questions Using Charts Read the Tarot using a chart (instead of Tarot cards)

Detect the presence of unwanted or negative energies

Check the status of your chakras

Made from Natural Stone

This Is For 1

Pendulum Colors Vary

Treat yourself to Amazonite Pendulum you're worth it.