2 White sage smudging sticks
2 White sage smudging sticks

2 White sage smudging sticks

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Sage smudging is a powerful cleansing technique used by people for thousands of years in order to remove negativity and invoke positive energy.

Use smudge sticks to cleanse a space, person, object, or your own mind, body, and spirit or simply for the pleasure of its fragrance.

Size 4 to 5 inches 


  • CALIFORNIA WHITE SAGE – (Salvia Apiana) Grown primarily in high desert ecosystems, used for its healing properties to drive out negative and evil spirits
SPIRITUAL CLEANSING: New Home or Office Need to clear the mind for a meditation or yoga session? Finding yourself in a “spiritually low” mood? Clear negative energies with a smudging ritual and create a space for healing and positive energies. 
  • mind
  • body 
  • spirit 

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